Our Commitment to Texans During COVID-19

Justice is Essential

All Texans are being affected by the pandemic, but COVID-19 will have particularly devastating effects on communities of color, low-income communities, essential workers, and other vulnerable groups. For 24 years, our nonprofit has been challenging the status quo and standing up for children, people, and communities in Texas who’ve been left behind and harmed by unjust laws and policies.  

Join us in the fight to make justice essential for all Texans. 

Together we will get through this. And we will build a more just Texas in the process.

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At Texas Appleseed, we are committed to ensuring that all Texans make it through this pandemic safely and can rebuild their lives. We are doing this by working alongside direct service providers and through our powerful network of pro bono professionals. We are reaching out to elected officials and other leaders, sharing up-to-date data and policy recommendations. Our broad mission allows us to work across interconnected systems, all of which have been affected by the coronavirus.

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Justice is Essential

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