Press Releases

Questionable Practices in Payday and Auto Title Loan Business Structures
New Analysis of Ownership Structures of Lenders and Payday Storefronts
October 15, 2015
Military Members to Get Boost Under Oct. 1 MLA Final Rule
Texas payday and auto title loan alarming trend: borrowers trapped in debt at 500% APR or higher
September 28, 2015
New Data Documents the Practices Payday Lenders Use to Bypass the Military Lending Act
New DOD MLA proposed rules will protect troops from predatory lending, Veterans remain susceptible
September 26, 2014
Push to Rein in Predatory Payday and Auto Title Lending Gains Momentum
Ordinances limiting usurious loans now cover over 7 million Texans in 18 Texas cities
June 25, 2014
Two Major Coalitions Team Up to Push for New State Laws to Rein in High-Cost Payday and Auto Title Lending in 2013
New Poll Results: Texas Voters Support Capping Loan Rates and Fees by 3-to-1 Margin
June 21, 2012


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