House Criminal Justice Reform Committee. Written Testimony of Akanksha Balekai. RE: Interim Charge 2B: Study the criminal procedure and due process from initial detention through appeal, including the civil asset forfeiture process.
House Committee on Business & Industry. Written Testimony of Briana Gordley. RE: Interim Charge 6. Evaluate the overall state of data privacy and online consumer protections in Texas and study the related laws and legislative efforts of other states. Make recommendations to ensure consumer data protections and online privacy.
Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services Committee. Written Testimony of Ann Baddour. RE: Consumer protection. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have qualities that may ultimately improve financial transactions, but there are systemic problems that must be addressed.
Work Group on Blockchain Matters Public Meeting. Written Testimony of Ann Baddour and Cat Clopton. RE: testimony surrounding matters of blockchain and, by extension, cryptocurrency.


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