2016 Panel

Topic: Is My Subconscious the Problem? Racial Bias in Education
Date: March 7, 2016
SXSW Track: Educational Equality

Kids of color are punished more frequently in school and are less likely to live and attend school in high-opportunity communities than their white peers. To address these inequities, we must understand how racialized systems form and the part we play in perpetuating them. We all have unconscious biases that inform the way we view and assess students. Participants will explore these biases with an interactive group test and examine the role that community formations play in creating large-scale unequal education opportunities. Participants will also develop concrete de-biasing techniques and a nuanced understanding of the role our subconscious plays in creating race-based inequities. Access the main conference page here.



  • Madison Sloan, Director, Disaster Recovery and Fair Housing Project
  • Yamanda Wright, Director of Research
  • Morgan Craven, Director, School-to-Prison Pipeline Project