2017 Legislative Priority: Eliminate Classroom Removals for Young Students


Updated March 14, 2017

Three bills that would significantly reduce suspensions for young students were filed this legislative session: SB 370 by Senator Sylvia Garcia, HB 674 by Representative Eric Johnson, and HB 2616 by Representative Helen Giddings. 

Senator Garcia’s bill prohibits the use of suspensions and alternative school placements for minor behaviors for students in Pre-K through 2nd grades.  Representative Johnson’s bill prohibits out-of-school suspensions for students younger than six years old.  Representative Giddings’ bill prohibits suspensions and alternative school placements for students in grades below 4th and instructs school districts to adopt research-based positive behavior models that benefit students and provide important training and supports for teachers.  Representative Giddings penned a great op-ed for The Dallas Morning News explaining why HB 2616 is so important to her and the children, teachers, and families of Texas.

We are excited to support these legislative offices and are working to ensure members of the Public Education and Education committees are aware of why it is so important to pass legislation that keeps young Texas children in their classrooms, learning with their peers.

Original Post: January 27, 2017

Data show that Texas students as young as 4 years old are being suspended from class. As a result, these young students miss important classroom learning time, risk being labeled by peers and teachers, and may be sent home to the very conditions that are contributing to behavioral challenges in the classroom. Texas Appleseed supports legislation that eliminates the use of classroom removals that are not required by state law for Texas' youngest students.

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