Press Releases

Know Your Rights Before the 2016 Warrant Roundup
Ask for Alternatives to Jail
February 23, 2016
Questionable Practices in Payday and Auto Title Loan Business Structures
New Analysis of Ownership Structures of Lenders and Payday Storefronts
October 15, 2015
Military Members to Get Boost Under Oct. 1 MLA Final Rule
Texas payday and auto title loan alarming trend: borrowers trapped in debt at 500% APR or higher
September 28, 2015
School Police in McKinney, Texas, Arrest and Ticket African-American Students at Excessive and Unequal Rates
School Resource Officers in Dallas Suburb Where Officer Used Extreme Force at Pool Party Found to Receive No Special Training in Working with Children
August 12, 2015
"Fair Exchange" Calls for Improved Remittance Practices
Project Highlights Demand for Pricing Transparency
U.S. Department of Justice Urged to Investigate Health & Safety Problems, Education Deficiencies in Texas Youth Commission Facilities
Immigration Judges Should Halt Proceedings Against Noncitizens with Serious Mental Disabilities
Amicus Brief Supporting Termination of Immigration Removal Proceedings
Michael Morton Act Working After First Year of Implementation
Texas Appleseed, Texas Defender Service Report Examines Policies & Practices
April 8, 2015
New Report Finds Inconsistent and Unfair Texas Truancy Policies Disproportionately Hurt Low-Income Kids and Students of Color
Judges Are Using Questionable Sanctions in Response to Truancy Charges, Including Forcing Students to Drop Out of School and Take the GED
March 5, 2015


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