Infrastructure Equity & Environmental Justice

All Texans should live in communities with adequate and functional infrastructure and should be protected from environmental hazards. Texas Appleseed works to remedy the legacy of government segregation and historical disinvestment, prevent ongoing harm, and to ensure that all communities have equitable access to infrastructure, including broadband internet.

Team Members


Madison Sloan

Disaster Recovery & Fair Housing Project

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Meg Duffy

Senior Policy Analyst,
Disaster Recovery & Fair Housing Project

Key Statistics

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In the City of Houston, 88% of open ditch drainage was in majority Black and Hispanic-Latino census tracts according to the City's own 2014 study, and only 12% of curb and gutter engineered drainage is in high-poverty areas.

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The number of schools that would be within 500 feet of the expanded I-45 highway in Houston as of 2021, the year a complaint was filed due to concerns of air pollution, civil rights violations, and other issues.