New Resource Offers Information About Long-Term Care in Texas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2023 

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Laura Felix 
Texas Appleseed 

Texas Appleseed’s Guide Answers Frequently Asked Questions, Addresses Needed Reform

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Appleseed’s new online resource, Long-Term Care 101, answers frequently asked questions about long-term care facilities and highlights changes needed to ensure the health, independence, and wellbeing of more than 165,000 residents statewide. 

Long-term care refers to a spectrum of services provided to help elderly people and people with disabilities meet their medical and personal care needs. By 2040, 22 percent of Americans will be 65 or older, meaning that more people than ever will need long-term care services, including in facility-based settings. Far too often, however, these facilities lack the resources and oversight to meet basic standards of care. This resource aims to provide people who may be considering their long-term care options with helpful information to better understand the types of facilities available, how they operate, and where and how to resolve issues as they may arise. 

“Texans should feel informed when they make these important decisions about their futures,” said Chris Willuhn, Director of New Projects at Texas Appleseed. “Demystifying the operation, regulation, and financing of long-term care facilities will increase accountability and ensure higher standards of care.” 

Equally important is understanding the challenges facing the long-term care industry, many of which were exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Understaffing, financial instability, and inadequate enforcement of health and safety standards jeopardizes the very people these facilities are meant to care for. Collaboration between state and federal lawmakers, industry participants, residents, and their advocates is essential to making meaningful improvements at every level. 

 “This resource contains foundational knowledge that readers can apply to future advocacy for themselves, their families, and thousands of people across Texas,” said Gabriella McDonald, Deputy Director of Texas Appleseed. “Many of the long-term care industry’s shortcomings stem from lawmaker’s reluctance to allocate enough resources and then hold facilities accountable when they fail to live up to expectations. It will take all of us to fix that, and we hope this resource can contribute to that.” 

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