Driver’s Education & State Identification Documents

Identification documents are fundamental to securing housing, applying for a job, and being self-sufficient. However, for many young people who are experiencing homelessness or in foster care these documents are not readily available or easily accessible. Our advocacy at the Texas Legislature has helped to reduce some of the barriers for these groups by ensuring youth who are experiencing homelessness or are in foster care can receive their state identification documents, driver’s licenses, and any documents needed to obtain these IDs free of charge.  Because of the high cost of driver’s education, youth experiencing homelessness, in foster care, or those who have aged out of foster care can also take driver’s education for free.

Team Members

Headshot of Brett Merfish

Brett M. Merfish

Director of Youth Justice,
Youth Homelessness Project, Juvenile Justice Project

Headshot of Martin Martinez

Martin A. Martinez, M.P.Aff

Senior Policy Analyst,
Youth Homelessness Project, Juvenile Justice Project

Key Statistics

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Every year, 1,200 kids age out of foster care in Texas. Many of these youth face unique challenges that make them significantly more likely to experience homelessness in their lifetime.

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If you’re homeless or in foster care, it’s free to get your birth certificate or driver’s license if you don’t have one or lost it.

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Your school address or a shelter address — these are two places you can receive your Texas ID card if you don't have a permanent place to have it mailed. Talk with someone at those locations.