Protecting Students Who Protest

Texas Appleseed is part of a network of organizations, attorneys, and advocates that support students in Texas who participate in walkouts related to gun violence and school safety or any other form of protest. We hope to provide resources, advice, and other assistance to students whose schools/school districts punish or threaten to punish them for protesting.

Immediate Assistance & Information

This letter can be used in situations where a school or school
district threatens punishment or imposes punishment on
students who protest. 


This Know Your Rights booklet guides students about
political speech and expressing their political views at school.


For Students Who Want Additional Assistance

If you are a student (or know a student) whose school/school district has punished or threatened to punish students who protest and you would like assistance from a lawyer or advocate please fill out this Student Intake Form.

For Attorneys & Advocates

If you are an attorney or advocate who would like to support students who protest, please fill out this Attorney/Advocate Intake Form. You will be added to a list of attorney/advocate supporters and we will get in touch with more information about training and how we will connect you with students who need assistance.