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25 Things for 25 Years (No. 3)

We’re wrapping up our 25th anniversary this year, and it’s been a wonderful celebration! We thank everyone for making it special. In the final part of this three-part blog series, we share what kept us moving during the pandemic, post-pandemic activities we look forward to, and our favorite places to visit in Texas. 

Name something you did during the pandemic to relax, recharge, or take care of yourself.

1. I made sure that my days had structure. I made time for different activities like working out and playing with my puppy. I devote an hour or so every evening to enjoying a movie or tv show.

2. We got a puppy and then accidentally adopted a 100 pound dog that followed me home after a run one day. It's not necessarily relaxing, but it does keep us occupied! 

3. Like a true Austinite, I did a lot of Yoga with Adriene!

4. I love to garden, and I planted herbs — basil, rosemary, and oregano (the oregano took off!) —  and I even grew some tasty tomatoes. It was nice to be outside in the sun.

5. Started swimming in Barton creek — even in the winter!

6. Listened to the birds every morning. I am always amazed by the variety that makes its way to my yard, either living there or just passing through.

7. Visited Texas State parks!

8. I redecorated a few rooms in my home. It was a really fun way to keep my mind preoccupied and in a creative space for a while. 

Name something you cannot wait to do in whatever our new normal looks like (when it is safe to do so). 

9. Travel, dance, and karaoke!

10. I would like to travel, maybe start off somewhere close-ish, but still outside of the country, like Costa Rica.

11. Redeem my Wilco and Sleater Kinney tickets from last summer!

12. Go out to eat at favorite places, actually dine in.

13. I'd love to see live music again. I've got a running list, but in no particular order, Leon Bridges, Sylvan Esso, Arlo Parks, Shovels and Rope, Black Pumas, and Stars are all on my list.

14. Traveling to Ecuador (my partner's family lives there) and music festivals. Before COVID, my friends and partner would go to a music festival/concert at least once a year.

15. Return to California and drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

16. Have a cup of coffee and catch up with my baby brother in Portland.

17. The pandemic has reminded us how precious our time here really is. First chance I get I’m going on that backpacking trip I’ve been putting off for years!

Where is your favorite place in Texas?

18. I love walking around downtown Austin during holidays. There’s less traffic, and we get to really take in the art and sunshine. 

19. My apartment. Also Houston because of all the good food and because I grew up there.

20. The Hill Country in general will always have a soft spot in my heart. I'm enjoying the breweries and wineries opening up from Wimberley down to Gruene and beyond.

21. I intend to continue spending every other weekend at the Zilker Botanical Garden, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. 

22. The spillway just below Barton Springs, on a sunny afternoon when it's packed with dogs and people and someone's got a boombox.

23. I can't choose one: Colorado Bend State Park, Big Bend and the Davis Mountains are at the top of my list.

24. Wherever I can connect with nature and loved ones.

25. Our family visited the Space Center in Houston a few years ago. The kids were very impressed, and we can’t wait to go back!

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Photo Credits:

Adriene Mishler via Yoga with Adriene 
Black Pumas via Austin Monthly with photography by Bryan C. Parker. 
Texas Hill Country via Backpacker

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